Saturday, May 12, 2012

Petikan daripada buku FIM2: Ibrahim Ali


Jadi hari ni aku nak ambil petikan daripada temuramah dengan Ibrahim Ali pula.

"I want to see Malaysia continue as a peaceful country where people of different races live happily. And there should be economic balance between the races. By that, I am talking about the 30% stake, which is the objective of the New Economic Policy. Once we achieve this, I'm fine. I might not even raise Bumiputera issues anymore once we achieve this. I accept everyone as Malaysian. But the majority of those who are backward are still Malay [Malaysian]. All I want to see is the 30% objective met."
-Ibrahim Ali

Tak kenal siapa Ibrahim Ali? Dia presiden Perkasa. Yang paling hardcore sekali, dialah.

Sampai sini saja, sekian. 

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